Professional Consulting

Professional Services

At Career Choice Coaching, we provide expertise in the following three areas:

  1. Communication and Soft-Skills Training
  2. Strategic Planning Consultation

Communication and Soft-Skills Training

At Career Choice Coaching, communication and soft skills training will help your talent discover and sharpen their professional skills to increase productivity and achieve career satisfaction. I provide real-world, customizable training solutions that will meet your budget and organizational needs.

See below for examples of focus areas I can help you target.

  • Improving Time Management Skills
  • Soft-Skills Development for Millennials
  • Procrastination Proof Techniques
  • Applying Problem Solving Skills
  • Benefiting from Constructive Criticism
  • Developing the Right Attitude
  • And more….
  • Dealing with Difficult Colleagues
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Customer Service Skills 2.0
  • Dealing with Workplace Stress
  • Developing People Skills
  • Communication Skills for Women
  • Assertive Communication Skills

Strategic Planning Consultation

If your desire is to work on a specific project or initiative that aligns with your company's mission and objectives, I can assist you in developing a strategic plan that will help you achieve your goals. My five-step consulting process includes:

  1. Identifying your company’s specific needs;
  2. Developing needs-based goals and objectives;
  3. Recommending a customized strategic plan;
  4. Providing support to execute the strategic plan; and
  5. Measuring progress related to the identified specific goals and objectives.

My Personal Commitment

If you need a professional consultant who can provide strategic planning,  communication and soft-skills training to help your organization move forward, please complete the form below or call 240.243.9190 Ext. 5 for more information.